• Cooking Time: less than 5 minutes
  • Servings: one big pancake
  • Preparation Time: less than 5 minutes


I was searching for an easy carrot pulp recipe and found there were none. All I found wer difficult ones with alot of ingredients I did'nt have. So I made up a really easy and fast recipe with ingredients we all have.


  • Bakining flour mix like Bisquick
  • One egg
  • one half cup of carrot pulp
  • One half cup of milk
  • olive oil


  • Mix all ingrediebts together
  • fry it in a pan greased with olive oil
  • eat it with the same stuff you would eat a regular pancake with
  • I like it with honey, maple syrup amd grape jelly

Categories: Pancake  Vegetable 
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