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I have eaten this at restaraunts and decided to give it a try..It was so worth it and you do save some money..I love serving this with my roasted potatoes and fresh garlic green beans.


  • 1 pd salmon ( or more depending on guests for DH and I 1 pd is suffecient plus a little leftovers)
  • Pesto
  • Lemon
  • Dill ( HAS TO BE FRESH)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Cedar Planks- You can get these at one of two places, either your local hardware store, just ask for a small plank of untreated cedar or many grocery stores now sell them ( I get mine at Publix)


  • Soak Cedar plank submerged for atleast an hour, I usually let it soak all day while I am at work.
  • Heat grill to a med lo heat. ( you don't want to char the wood) Place wood in by itself on rack for 5 to 8 minutes ( then helps get some of the excess moisture out)
  • For you salmon: Top with pesto (I like a quazzy thick layer but it is really to your preference),
  • a slice of lemon, a sprig of Dill, salt and pepper.
  • Take Salmon place on plank, and leave in covered grill for approx 15-20 minutes (depending on thickness)
  • Fish should be slightly flaky and a lighter color.

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