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This egg nog is popular in Puerto Rico, other Spanish speaking islands in the Caribbean and Latin America. The first time I tasted Coquita was at the house of Puerto Rican friends.

I found this recipe in "Visions of Sugarplums" by Mimi Sheraton. Don't know if it is still in print, since we purchased it in 1968


  • 8 coconuts
  • 8 cans eveporated milk
  • 24 eggs
  • 8 cans condensed milk
  • 6 tablespoons vanilla
  • 8 cups light Puerto Rican rum


  • Prepare coconut milk with evaporated milk - Cover 4 cups of grated coconut meat with 12 cups boiling water.
  • Let stand for 30 minutes or until cool; then strain off milk, squeezing the coconut as dry as possible.
  • Discard the coconut meat.
  • Add evaporated milk and mix well.
  • Beat eggs thoroughly until light and frothy and combine with coconut milk, condensed milk, vanilla and rum.
  • Bottle and chill thoroughly.
  • Since this is a thick and very rich drink it is usually served in small liqueur-type glasses.
  • Makes about 28 servings

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