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  • A small regular size can of Cream of Mushroom [I forgot how many oz are in it! But it's the small can]
  • About 3-4 regular sized Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • Milk
  • Canned Chile Chipotles


  • Put your chicken breasts in a pot and boil to cook the chicken.
  • About 30-35 min.
  • I normally add a slice of onion and a pour some salt into it to give the chicken some flavor.
  • After the chicken's cooked, you can set them to the side.
  • Take out another large pot and turn the fire to low. Add the cream of mushroom into it.
  • DO NOT throw away the can just yet!
  • Stir the cream of mushroom.
  • Using the can the Cream of Mushroom came in as a measuring cup, fill it up with milk and pour the amount into the pot with the cream of mushroom. Stir well...
  • Now you'll be adding that spice to it!
  • If you want it mild hot, only add 1 chile chipotle.
  • If you like it medium hot, add 2.
  • If you like it really spicy, add 3. And so on.
  • Once you add the chiles, use a fork to press the chipotle juice out of it and so it leaks into the sauce you've already created.
  • Stir well.
  • I like to cut the chile into pieces when I mash it with the fork so you have small pieces in there.
  • But it's totally optional.
  • Once you've mixed all the ingridients well, add the chicken breasts you cooked in a different pot.
  • Let them sit in there for a few more minutes with the sauce. 5 minutes is fine.
  • Then serve with some rice of your choice.

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