• Cooking Time: 3 HRS. TO ALL DAY
  • Servings: One breast and potato pe
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes


I love to eat but hate the calories. I think if food tastes good and is simple then dieting would be so much easier. Try this one.


  • One skinless, boneless chicken breast per person, one potato per person. A can of stewed tomatoes. More if you have alot of chicken breasts. Reduced fat feta cheese or any low fat cheese that melts well. Can of mushrooms, optional.


  • In a baking dish or crockpot: add the stewed tomatoes and if you use them the mushrooms. Next, add the chicken breast. Then the potatoes. Cook low and slow till done. Crock pot all day. Baking dish depends on how many breasts you use. Anywhere from one and a half hours to three hrs. Once cooked, top with cheese before you serve it. Add a salad and some fruit on the side. :)

Author Credit: Me

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