• Cooking Time: 3-4
  • Servings:
  • Preparation Time: 10


When I Traveled to (Puerto Rico) in my Younger days for the summer; I remember that on our way to the beach we would pass by little huts or trucks that would sell food. I was so glad when my aunt suggested that we stop to get something. So... they had an Empanda stuffed with pizza sauce and cheese (Empandas de Pizza) It was so good!!! I never forgot the way it tasted that day.


  • You will Need:
  • Pasta Sauce (marinara sauce)
  • Mozzarella cheese or Cheddar Cheese 1 pound
  • Goya or La Fe ( Yellow or Regular color) 13 oz


  • Let the dough defrost at room tempature. open package and remove the disk.
  • slowly peel each dough disk and place on parchment paper. Add the Marinara Sauce to the dough, a small amount, then add the cheese and close off with a fork all around on both sides.
  • Heat Oil in a deep fryer pan until hot, drop a pinch of flour to test the oil to see if it's ready. Place the Empanda in the oil and cook on both sides for 1-2 min each, until golden brown.

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