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  • 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese - room temperature
  • 8 oz. unsalted butter - room temperature
  • 1 tsp powdered ginger
  • 6 Tblsp. Minced candied ginger
  • 2 Tblsp. Fresh grated ginger
  • enough flour to make a rollable dough (approx. 2-3 cups)
  • 1 Cup 10X sugar
  • Canton Ginger Liquor or Spiced Rum


  • Preheat oven to 350’
  • Line cookie sheets with parchment
  • Beat cheese and butter till fluffy.
  • Mix all 3 gingers with 1 cup of the flour then add to cheese/butter
  • Add flour a bit at a time till it comes together in a soft ball. (Try not to have dough too stiff.)
  • Refrigerate the dough, covered, at least 30 minutes
  • Roll the dough to 1/8 inch.
  • Cut dough with round cutter.
  • Arrange on cookie sheet
  • Bake 12-15 minutes.
  • Mix Sugar and ginger liquor
  • While still warm, drizzle cookies lightly with sugar mix


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