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I love making grilled cheese sandwiches, and I've gotta say people always love my grilled cheeses. I use a "smashing" technique that I learned from my father. I'm always experimenting with different fillings and my husband goes crazy for this very simple, very delicious sandwich.


  • Sliced sourdough sandwich bread
  • Extra sharp white cheddar cheese or really good monterrey jack
  • Gala or fugi apple sliced very thin.
  • butter.


  • Heat pan over medium-high heat.
  • Melt butter on pan.
  • Arrange cheese on bread, covering the slice completely.
  • Place thinly sliced apple on top of cheese.
  • Top with another piece of bread.
  • Place prepared sandwiches on pan and place a heavy pan or pot on top of sandwiches, pressing down a little ("smashing") on them periodically to make the sandwich as thin as possible.
  • When bread is golden brown, flip (add more butter to pan just before flipping) and "smash" other side.
  • When both sides are golden, you are in business. Cut sandwices in half and enjoy!

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