• Cooking Time: 1.5 - 2 hrs
  • Servings: 9 jars
  • Preparation Time: 20 mins


This is just one of those recipes passed between friends and family. A lot of people I know love this stuff but it's not a favourite of mine. I think this is one of those particular taste recipes... Anyway, it's delicious (apparently) and it goes really well with salads


  • 3 lb fresh beetroot, uncleaned
  • 1 lb onions (red or white)
  • 1 lb cooking apples (preferably Bramley)
  • 1 lb granulated sugar
  • 1 pint pickling/spiced vinegar


  • 1. Cut beetroot stalks to 1-1.5 inch. Leaving some of the stalk helps prevent 'bleeding' of colour from the beetroot bulb. Do not clean the beetroot beforehand as this also prevents bleeding
  • 2. Place into a large cooking pot and cover with boiling water
  • 3. Place onto a high heat on the hob, turn down slightly if the water bubbles over the side but keep on the boil
  • 4. When water begins to boil, time for 1 hr. Top up water level with boiling water when needed, keeping the beetroot covered with water as much as possible
  • 5. When beetroot has been boiled for 1 hr, take off the heat. Pour the dirty water away and leave the beetroot to cool in a clean bowl and in cold water
  • 6. Clean the large cooking pot thoroughly as it is still needed
  • 7. Peel the apples and onions. Slice into quarters, coring the apples
  • 8. Grate apples and onions using a processor
  • 9. Place apple and onion mix into clean large pot
  • 10. Pour in sugar and vinegar
  • 11. Simmer together on a medium heat for 15 mins, stirring every few minutes
  • 12. With your hands, simply peel of the skins to the beetroot. This should slide off easily since it has been boiled
  • 13. Whilst apple and onion simmer on hob, quarter the beetroot bulbs and grate using processor
  • 14. After 15 mins of simmering is over, add grated beetroot to the mixture and stir thoroughly
  • 15. Simmer relish mixture together for 25 mins
  • 16. Preheat oven to gas mark 5
  • 17. Whilst this is simmering, take some empty jam jars and wash with lids in warm soapy water
  • 18. Take the lids and place in a heat proof bowl and cover with boiling water
  • 19. Take jars and place in oven, turning off the heat and allowing the oven to cool. Keep the door closed; this destroys any bacteria inside
  • 20. Take out the jars and allow to cool to one side. Drain the lids of the water
  • 21. When the relish has finished simmering for 25 mins, take off heat and allow to cool in pot for about 5 mins
  • 22. Carefully spoon or funnel relish into jars, tightly screw on the lids. Clean off any dribbles down the sides. The safety button will 'un-pop' as the relish inside cools down
  • 23. Label and store relish jars and/or hand out to friends and family as gifts/presents

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