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This is a super-exotic sounding sammie, if there ever was one. Very impressive, whilst very simple to make. Roll one up for a friend.


  • 2pcs (or more; adjust recipe according to # of sammies you want to serve) 4oz Mahi or Tuna steaks
  • 2-3tblsp Carribean Jerk seasoning
  • Olive oil
  • 4-6leaves Swiss chard, ribs removed
  • 1/8 c fresh cilantro, chopped
  • splash of good Balsamic vinegar
  • Avocado slices
  • Mango Salsa or Chutney
  • 2 pcs lg Salsa or Roasted Tomato & Pepper tortilla wraps


  • Season steaks well in Jerk, rubbing in to coat.
  • Heat oil in large fry pan; cook each steak approx 4-5min per side, depending on thickness; it's nice if you can avoid turning them too often. As with any meat, you can get a "feel" for doneness with experience- meat becomes more firm as it cooks, less "mushy" to the touch of your utensil. Remove and set aside, keeping warm.
  • Add chard and cilantro to same fry pan, and BRIEFLY wilt by turning fire up to high, splashing with a bit of vinegar, stirring them around to coat then turning off heat after about 1-2min max; you don't want the greens to be "done", just seasoned in pan juices and and slightly wilted.
  • To assemble: Layout out a couple leaves of chard w/cilantro just off-center of a wrap. Layer on a piece of steak, smashing up a bit to make it easier to roll.
  • Then, a slice of avocado and a big spoon of salsa or chutney, spread evenly. Fold over shortest edge of tortilla to cover stuffing.
  • Take your fingers and gently pull/roll back towards you slightly to "tighten". While holding this in place, fold over the "side" edges, then roll/fold away from you til the "wrap" sandwich is formed.
  • Cut on a bias and serve warm, OR- wrap first in parchment, then in foil, refrigerate, and take on-the-go to eat chilled. These are GREAT, btw, served w/fried Plantains!

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