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I bought my marzipan pre-made at the grocery store, but you can certainly scour the web for a decent homemade marzipan recipe.


  • pre-made marzipan
  • red, yellow, green gel food coloring
  • vegetable spray
  • toothpicks


  • Break a large chunk of pre-made marzipan off for the orange pumpkins. Break a smaller chunk off for the green stems.
  • Color each chunk with gel food coloring. Pumpkin = red & yellow. Stems = green. Knead thoroughly until desired color is reached. The marzipan is tough, but will soften from your hands' natural body heat.
  • For pumpkin, tear off a small amount from the orange marzipan and roll in your hands to form a small ball. Place ball on a surface and press your thumb down on top, creating a small indentation. Create the pumpkins natural side creases by using a toothpick. I spray my toothpick with vegetable spray to avoid the sugar sticking to the pick.
  • Shape tiny green stems from the green marzipan. This is super easy because stems can really be as misshaped and unique as you like.
  • Attach stem to pumpkin. The body heat from your hands should make the stems pliable and sticky enough for this to happen without using an adhesive, such as frosting.

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