• Cooking Time: 50 to 55minutes
  • Servings: 8 sevrvings
  • Preparation Time: 20 minutes


Every year we get a ton of Zucchinis from family and friends as well as from our own garden. I have a lot of dinner recipes for them but I wanted a dessert one. So I came up with this recipe and it's pretty good. Please give it a try.


  • 3c. all purpose flour, 1-1/2 t. salt, 3t. cinnamin, 1t. baking soda, 1/2t. baking powder,....... 1c. vegetable oil, 3 eggs, 1-3/4c.sugar, 1t. vanilla,...... 1/2c. raisins, 3c. shredded zucchini. Icing: 1/4c. powdered sugar, 1/2t. vanilla, 1/8t. cinnamon, about 3t. milk, maybe more.


  • Pre heat oven to 350F.... grease bundt pan. Shift the first five ingredients into a large bowl. In a mixer bowl add the next four ingredients. mix on low till everything is mixed together well. Now, slowly add the flour mixture, mixing well after each addition until all the mixture is in. Remove the bowl from the mixer. Add the raisins and mix well by hand. Next, add the shredded zucchini. Mix well by hand till it's all in. Now pour all this into the bundt pan. Bake 50 to 55 minutes. Remove. cool 10 minutes. Place it on a flat dish that is slitely larger then the cake. In a small bowl: add 1/4c. powdered sugar, 1/2t. vanilla and 1/8t. cinnamin. now add alittle milk at a time. mixing in between. You want it to pour nicely off your spoon when you lift it. Pour this evenly over the cake.

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