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Ok... so out of sheer desperation (and numerous database crashes) I created this drink in two variations - one if you like chocolate and one if you like a fruity flavor.

First... draw a bath. While bath is filling up... mix the following:


  • 3 Parts orange juice
  • 1 part Raspberry Vodka
  • Ice
  • Shaker
  • 1 glass


  • Measure liquor/orange juice and vodka and add to shaker filled with ice. Mix - this is when you can do a little dance in celebration.
  • Pour into glass & get into tub. Relax, take a breath and start to drink. You deserve it.
  • TIP: Both versions can be enjoyed alone or with friends (forget about the bath and get out your poker chips).
  • If making for three -
  • Use 12 parts liqour or orange juice and 4 parts vodka. You will think this is too strong by how much vodka goes into the glass, but it's not. Remember, it's being enjoyed by 3!
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