• Cooking Time: 120
  • Servings: 3
  • Preparation Time: 15


Acctually this is not a real cake...but i remember my dad telling me how his mom used to make for them in the cold german winter and serve with some ricotta cream...that's how i do it also...and it's fabulous....have a perfect brown crust and it's creamy inside...the taste is subtle...not strong...simply perfect and if you have leftover just grill them in a pan w/ just a little bit of'll love it!


  • 4,41 lb peeled potatoes
  • 3,17 oz vegetable fat (shortening)
  • 10,23 oz sour cream
  • salt (to taste)


  • Cut the potatoes into cubes and in your blender use the function "chop" until the potato looks grated like in the parmesan grater.
  • With your hands mix in a bowl the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients, making sure that the shortening is well mixed.
  • Put it in a copper pot or a cast iron and bake at 356ºF for 2 hours or untill the crust is brown.
  • Serve with ricotta cream. If you need the recipe for that i also have it :)

Categories: Casserole 
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