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  • Servings: 12 pancakes
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This recipe grabbed my attention because of the word 'Bohemian"! I'm three-quarter German and one-quarter Bohemian and very proud of that Bohemian heritage!! In this day and age, people say, "Bohemian? What nationality is that?" When I tell them Bohemia, they wanna know where that is!! Do YOU know? :O)


  • 3 c. cold seasoned mashed potatoes
  • 3/4 c. flour
  • 1/4 tsp. salt (about)
  • melted butter
  • grape jelly or other fruit spread*


  • Combine potatoes, 3/4 c. flour and salt (amt. depends on mashed potato seasonings). Knead with hand to blend thoroughly; divide into 12 equal parts.
  • Roll each piece of dough on a heavily floured board with floured rolling pin to make a 7" circle.
  • Heat a heavy griddle or skillet; so not grease. Bake each pancake over med. heat, turning once, 'til golden brown spots appear on both sides. If bubbles form while pancakes are baking, pierce them with a fork.
  • Remove from griddle. brsh one side with melted butter, spread with jelly and roll up. Place, seam side down, in shallow pan and keep warm in very slow oven, 275º, til all pancakes are baked.
  • Kay's note: *I prefer to just leave these flat and drizzle with maple syrup!! Oh my!!!:O)

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Author Credit: Farm Journal America's Best Veg.

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