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  • Shrimp Tempra Rolls
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups water
  • ~2 cups Tempra (flour-like)
  • shrimp - shelled, deveined and slitted on sides so they lay flat (Nori left the tails on)
  • Peanut Oil


  • Mix eggs and water and add Tempra to form a batter (semi-thick, not too runny)
  • Heat the oil on medium temp and test by dropping batter droplets into oil. If the batter sinks to the bottom or floats immediately it is not the right temp for the Tempra. The batter should go to the middle and then come back up.
  • Batter and fry the shrimp and constantly turn them until they are a light golden color.
  • NOTE: Take out the "orphan" batter pieces in each batch so you don't burn your oil!
  • Spread the shrimp out on a plate and try to prevent them from touching so they don't get soggy

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