• Cooking Time: 45
  • Servings: 4
  • Preparation Time: 120


Spice up your wings in an easy and tasty marinade.


  • 20 large whole chicken wings
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon Sriracha sauce (for medium spicy)
  • 1 cup Wafu® Ginger Carrot Japanese Dressing


  • In a large bowl, mix oil, Wafu® Ginger Carrot Japanese Dressing and Sriracha sauce. Stir in chicken making sure that the wings are well covered with the marinade. Cover and chill at least 2 hours and up to 1 day, stirring occasionally.
  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Arrange wings on two baking sheets. Roast wings until tender and glazed, turning occasionally, about 45 minutes, depending on the size of the wings.
  • Arrange wings on large platter.
  • Serve wings with extra marinade as dipping sauce, if desired.

Categories: Poultry 

Website Credit: http://www.wafu.us.com/recipes/recipe/eyJjb2xsZWN0aW9uIjoicmVjaXBlcyIsImxvb3NlX2VuZHMiOiJ5ZXMiLCJyZXN1bHRfcGFnZSI6InJlY2lwZXNcL3Jlc3VsdHMiLCJzZWFyY2hfbW9kZSI6ImFueSJ9/spicy-ginger-wafu-wings/P53

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