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  • 2 TB cold water
  • 2 tsp gelatin (Unflavored of course)
  • 1 tsp meringue powder
  • 3 cups chilled heavy whipping cream
  • 1TB Rum, Bourbon or Cognac
  • 1/8 cup powdered sugar (Normally I would not use this, but the rum covers up the raw cornstarch flavor)


  • Bloom gelatin in water for 5 minutes.
  • Place Whipping implements in freezer (Bowl, Beaters)
  • Have Ice and water ready in another bowl as an Ice bath when adding the gelatin.
  • Set gelatin in simmering water until melted and clear. Let cool.
  • Start whipping the cream, add powdered sugar and Meringue powder and whip until JUST beyond soft peaks.
  • Place bowl in the ice bath
  • Mix in rum.
  • Once incorporated add the bloomed gelatin, use hand whisk until desired consistency is reached.

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