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  • Servings: 4
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A recipe I've found on the Atkins website that I want to try


  • 9oz package of fresh, baby spinach
  • 4oz feta cheese
  • Clove of garlic
  • 4 large, boneless chicken breasts
  • Olive oil
  • salt and pepper


  • Directions:
  • 1. Mince garlic and chop spinach. Saute spinach and garlic in a large skillet until wilted. Remove from pan and put in a bowl. Add feta cheese and toss well. Wipe out pan with paper towel.
  • 2. Remove any unwanted parts from the chicken breasts (fat, gristle, etc.). Using a sharp knife, slice a pocket into each breast as if trying to butterfly it. But, do not cut all the way through.
  • 3. Spoon the spinach mixture into each breast until it is full and secure it closed with a toothpick.
  • 4. Generously coat the bottom of the skillet with olive oil. Place stuffed breasts in pan and brown on each side at med-high temperature. Cover skillet and continue cooking breasts for another ten minutes on med-low heat.
  • 5. Remove tooth picks and serve with whatever side dish you please. (I highly recommend cauliflower "mashed potatoes".)

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