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That's right- I said SUGAR-FREE. It tastes like the real deal, seriously. Many different flavor options- create your own! Vanilla, obvs, would be UBER-easy! I'm going to try Butterscotch-Pecan soon, Pistachio and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Basically, ANY flavor you can find of INSTANT pudding, you can use in this recipe. You can even use SKIM MILK and FAT-FREE condensed milk, but it's not going to be as creamy and will probably freeze super-hard.


  • 1can Milnot
  • 3-4c Whole Milk or Half-n-Half (your choice)
  • 2boxes sugar-free INSTANT White Chocolate pudding (Jello brand is my pick)
  • 1envelope unflavored gelatin (Knox brand)
  • 1/2c Splenda
  • 1c fresh Blackberries, crushed
  • Ice Cream Maker Salt
  • lg bag of Crushed Ice for machine


  • Prepare ice cream making machine per manufacturer's instructions.
  • In large bowl, blend together with a hand mixer on med speed: condensed milk, 2-3c milk, pudding mixes, gelatin and sweetener til dissolved and foamy. I recommend adding each box/envelope slowy and gradually for best result.
  • Add blackberries and blend well.
  • Pour into ice cream maker container, and add more milk as needed to reach "fill line". Stir again well if more milk was added.
  • Follow machine instructions to make ice cream; this generally involves alternating ice and salt til near the top of the container, filling container, sealing it, filling machine w/more ice & salt to cover container completely, turning it on and stepping away for 1/2hr or so til it's SOUP, I mean- ICE SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!
  • You may also want to freeze for 1/2-1hr after machine cycling is complete, to further harden.
  • BUT- I have found sugar-free ice cream, when it freezes, it freezes MUCH harder than regular ice cream, so allowing it to sit out for a while before serving to soften is usually required.

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