• Cooking Time: 15 minutes
  • Servings: 8 OR 1
  • Preparation Time: 30 minutes


This recipe is something you can variate on. Spices, quantity, ground beef or turkey, the beans even the chips. Quantity serving I can not fiqure out


  • •Per one pound ground turkey (browned and drained)
  • •add:
  • •1 can pinto beans ( decided I prefer more of the pinto’s)
  • •1 can kidney beans
  • •1 can black beans
  • •(You can vary on your taste, can use garbanzo what ever you prefer)
  • •1 can black olives (I prefer 2 cans)
  • •Add:
  • •I package of taco seasoning mix per the directions (need to add the water)
  • •Salad part:
  • •Cut lettuce in half and slice down to medium shreds
  • •Add 2 or 3 tomatoes
  • •Add bag of taco chips (I usually, crumble them on top of salad as I serve it then add meat mixture. Cause if you don’t use all lettuce and tomato will get soggy)
  • •Dressing:
  • •Mayo and salsa to taste…..I add in sour cream too!


  • 1.To serve.
  • 2.Layer on plate:
  • 3.Salad
  • 4.Crumble chips
  • 5.Top with meat mixture
  • 6.Top with grated cheese
  • 7.Spoon around dressing
  • 8.Enjoy! Pass with extra chips. Original recipe called for you to mix it all together. But, if left over I thought would be soggy.
  • 9.So, I thought it was best to make it as you go.
  • 11.This recipe you can adjust to how you like it with the beans.
  • 12.The pinto is pretty authentic in the dish as is the black. I like keeping it all separated. Sauce is so great!
  • 13.Original recipe mixted it all together. I prefer to keep it apart. You will have leftovers and it will be soggy the next day. It is easy to throw together and heat up the meat and make your salad. When we make this we eat this all day and night. It starts off as a meal but ends up being nachos! lol

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Author Credit: Food Network/Firefighters meal

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