Irish Meatball Soup

Soup, Lamb/Sheep, Beef, St. Patrick's Day
03/16/14 06:32 PM

Cherry Chipotle Meatloaf

Oven, Beef, Dinner
01/15/14 08:28 PM

Cinnamon Roll Style Bread Pudd..

Bread, Pudding, Misc. One Dish
01/05/14 02:35 PM

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Misc. Bread, Bread
12/28/13 02:50 PM

Pesto Mac N Cheese with Italia..

Dinner, Lunch, Main Dish, Side Dish, Pasta, Picnic, Potluck, Casserole
11/26/13 12:28 PM

Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Cocktail, Misc. Beverage
11/23/13 12:38 PM

Chili-Roasted Sweet Potatoes W..

Vegetable, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Side Dish
11/11/13 10:10 AM

Boneless Roast Turkey Breast W..

Vegetable, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Main Dish, Dinner, Condiment, Sauce, Salsa
11/11/13 10:07 AM

Pumpkin Soup Shooters with Dri..

Bisque/Cream, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Main Dish, Appetizer
11/11/13 10:05 AM

Pumpkin Blueberry Trifle

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Misc. Dessert
11/11/13 10:04 AM

Pulled Turkey Sliders With Blu..

Sandwich, Vegetable, Poultry, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Snack, Main Dish, Dinner, Appetizer
11/11/13 10:02 AM

Mashed Potato Pops with Bluebe..

Vegetable, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Appetizer, Topping, Sweet Sauce, Savory Sauce, Dip
11/11/13 10:00 AM

Butternut Squash Salad with Bl..

Vegetable, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Salad
11/11/13 09:55 AM

Brussels Sprouts With Blueberr..

Vegetable, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Side Dish
11/11/13 09:53 AM

Blueberry Stuffin’ Muffins

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Side Dish
11/11/13 09:51 AM

Blueberry Mulled Cider

Fruit, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Misc. Beverage
11/11/13 09:47 AM

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