Maple Pecan Bars

07/03/07 09:52 PM

Black Bean Salsa

Appetizer, Low Fat, Beans, Dip
07/03/07 09:57 PM

Herb Butter Burger

Main Dish, Beef
07/05/07 07:33 AM

PB and J Bars

07/06/07 03:07 PM

Bacon Cheeseburger Rollups

Main Dish, Beef
07/06/07 03:08 PM

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter B..

Dessert, Mixer, Oven, Bar
07/07/07 09:56 AM

Easter Chicks

Dessert, Easter
07/07/07 11:56 AM

Coconut Cherry Bars

Dessert, Snack, Sweet, Dairy, Fruit, Oven, Bar
07/07/07 12:06 PM

One Pan Chocolate-Peanut Bars

Dessert, Mixer, Oven, Bar
07/07/07 10:03 PM

One Pan Coccoa Bars

07/07/07 10:04 PM

Chocolate Pie Filling

Dessert, Filling, Pie
07/07/07 10:05 PM

Porcupine Balls

Main Dish, Beef
07/07/07 10:05 PM

Apple Cobbler

07/07/07 10:06 PM

Original Banana Pudding

Dessert, Pudding
07/07/07 10:07 PM

Fruitty Muffins

Bread, Muffin
07/07/07 10:07 PM

Milk Chocolate Shakes

Beverage, Shake
07/07/07 10:08 PM

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