Easy Spicy Shrimp & Pasta

Main Dish
10/31/06 07:10 AM

Breakfast-for-Dinner Fritatta

Main Dish, Eggs, Oven
10/31/06 07:26 AM

Goat Cheese, Pesto, and Sundri…

Appetizer, Creamy, Savory, No Bake/Cook, Crowd Cooking, Dinner Party, Potluck, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Dip
10/31/06 07:32 AM

Tom's Raspberry Truffles

Candy, Truffle
11/12/06 04:40 PM


Christmas, Candy, Soft Center, Misc. Candy, Valentine's Day, Sweet
11/12/06 04:42 PM

Gingerbread House

Christmas, Misc. Dessert, Dough/Crust, Cake, Dessert, Oven, Sweet
11/12/06 04:54 PM

Icing for Gingerbread House

Kid Friendly, Christmas, Topping, Misc. Dessert, Dessert, Misc. Candy, Sweet
11/12/06 04:54 PM

Tofu Pumpkin Pie

Vegetarian, Vegan, Pie, Dessert, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sweet
11/13/06 06:08 AM

Steak With Wild Mushroom Sauce

Main Dish, Beef, Broil/Grill
11/13/06 06:21 AM

Sugar Cookies

Cookies, Dessert, Christmas, Easter, Game Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Brown Bag, Crowd Cooking, Finger Food, Gift Idea, Kid Friendly, Picnic, Potluck, Sweet
11/13/06 10:16 PM

Thanksgiving Fondue

Appetizer, Dip
11/19/06 01:16 PM

Brandy & Walnut Fondue

Appetizer, Dip
11/19/06 01:21 PM

Robyn's Crock Pot Keilbasa and…

Main Dish
11/20/06 09:42 AM

Miniature Amaretto Cakes

Oven, Christmas, Cake, Dessert, Sweet
11/20/06 11:16 AM

Hard Sauce for Gingerbread Chr…

Dessert, Condiment, Sauce, Sweet, Christmas, Misc. Dessert, Topping
11/20/06 11:23 AM


Dessert, Spicy, Sweet, Christmas, Pudding
11/20/06 11:23 AM