Bonni's canned Speghetti Sauce
  • 1-30oz. can of Contadina Tomato sauce;1-18 oz. can of Contadina tomato paste; 1-8oz. can of water. 1# hamburger; 1 onion chopped; Season with salt and pepper, garlic salt , oragano, 1t. sugar and 1/4c. parmeasan cheese. Any kind of cooked pasta.
  1. Cook the hamburger with the onions and drain grease. Mean while, cook and drain your pasta. To the meat add the tomato paste and mix in well. Cook for 3 or so minutes. Add all the spices, the water and tomato sauce. Cook 10 minutes longer. Last, add the parmesan cheese. Cook for 3 minutes. Serve over pasta with a salad and dessert.
My Step-mom made the best speghetti sauce and it came from cans.