Chile Rellenos
  • Green Poblano Peppers (nice and smooth)
  • Paper bag
  • Eggs (about one per pepper)
  • Cheese (Chihuahua, Asadero, or a white melting cheese)
  • Corn Oil (I use mazola right blend)
  1. 1. Burn the peppers on the flame of a gas stove (if you have electric just toeast in a pan)just enough to get the skin off with a fork.
  2. Put in paper bag to cool off for 10 minutes then peel off.
  3. 2. Cut off top and clean out seeds.
  4. In the slit put Chihuahua cheese.
  5. You can also add potatoes and cheese or ground beef, cheese and potatoes.
  6. 2. Separate egg whites and yokes.
  7. Whip egg whites to make fluffy and foamy.
  8. Then break up (not beat) yokes and fold into the whites.
  9. 3.Then dip the pepper in egg mixture and fry in oil until light brown and turn over.
  10. Then again (you can add more egg if you would like when you flip it over).
My mom's recipe. I love these. Make sure you clean then. The seeds can be killer!