Easy Peasy Summer Fruit Pie
  • Graham cracker pie crust
  • One container of yogurt (fruit or plain)
  • Sliced fruit like peaches, nectarines or apricots or you can use berries or a combination of both
  • Whipped cream or cool whip topping
  1. Slice fruit and/or mix sliced fruit with berries.
  2. Line the bottom of the pie crust with the fruit.
  3. Spoon the yogurt over the fruit.
  4. Spoon the whipped cream or cool whip over the yogurt.
  5. You can finish with more sliced fruit or berries to make it look pretty and show what's inside or you can just put a slice or two or fruit and some mint on top as a garnish.
  6. Refrigerate to get it cold and until it seems to hold together. Serve cold to your happy guests.
This is something my grandmother used to put together for summer dessert. It's actually very good for you as well as a cool and refreshing dessert for a hot, summer day. This recipe takes me back to the meals we used to eat under the grapevine arbor in the backyard when my grandmother was still with us and we all lived together in a two-family house. enjoy!