Homemade Soda - Well Kinda
  • 1 glass (ice optional)
  • sparkling water
  • 1 packet of powdered flavoring (something like crystal light)
  1. Pour sparking water in glass and then add powered flavoring into glass until it gets to the flavor consistency you desire.
  2. I used one of those thin packets (on the go or something).
  3. I used lemon flavoring, but you can use any of the flavors available.
  4. It's low calorie, low sugar and easy to adjust to the sweetness you desire.
  5. No need to add sugar.
  6. The drink is refreshing and fun with the little bubbles. :)
Hi Everyone - I confess, I like soda, pop...whatever you want to call it. I just created a homemade version of flavored soda by accident. I haven't gone grocery shopping in a while so I completely ran out of water. However, I had some leftover sparking water from my root beer vodka adventure. So here's what I did: