Lavender Coffee Syrup
  • 2 cups of strong lavender coffee- if you dont have lavender coffee you can use regular coffee with 1/4 cup of organic lavender flowers added to your coffee grounds.
  • 2 C sugar.
  1. Add sugar and coffee on medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Stir to avoid crystalization. Bring mixture to slow boil for about 10 minutes (do not allow it to hit soft ball stage watch carefully) remove from burner.
  2. allow to cool, strain off any excess coffee or lavender flowers- pour in sqeeze bottle- place in fridge.
  3. I use mine for a moist layer on my cupcakes. But can be used for waffles, pancakes and general simple syrup cooking.
Backstory: well- i bought lavender coffee. i am not a huge coffee drinker, but i was thinking that it will make for great culinary uses such as cakes and cookies. will have to give more details as i explore these adventures. so here is my first of many