Orange jam tart galette
  • 1cup nuts flour (any kind:almonds,hazelnuts,cashews or a mix of all).
  • 1cup white flour.
  • 130g soft butter (it shouldn't be too soft or too hard) at room temperature.
  • 2Tbsp cold water.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 1cup orange jam.
  • An egg to wash the top.
  1. -mix all the dry ingredients in bowl then add butter and mix with your hands,try to incroperate the butter in flour very well,add cold water and combine your dough o form a ball.
  2. -Refregerate it for 2 hours or overnight.
  3. -Now take your dough divide it into half,work the first half with roling pin and flatten it into a circle,spread the jam on top,now you can be creative with the other half of dough and make the shapes you want to decorate your tart with like flowers or make thin lines and cross them on top or if you want you can cover it all.
  4. -Wash the surface of the tart with one beaten egg.
  5. -Bake it in 200° preheated oven until golden and crisp.Let it completely cool down before cutting.Enjoy!
I love buttery flaky crust and I always loved making pies and tarts with different kinds of fruits and jams,it's just my favorite kind of desserts,and orange jam is one of those amazingly sweet delicious things in the world...I mean seriously this galette has all of good stuff and it melts in your mouth,also it's similiar to jam crostata(an italian dessert),I think this one is much better and much easier!