Southern Fried Corn
  • * 12 Ears of White or Yellow Corn
  • * 3 stripes of bacon
  • * Milk
  • * Salt
  • * Pepper
  1. * Fry the bacon and then set it aside leaving only the bacon grease in pan.
  2. * Cut corn from cob… you want to make sure you catch all of the milk from the cob. Start by using a really sharp knife and shave thin layers of the corn away .. don’t cut straight to the cob.. you want to make sure you cut each of the kernels a couple of times before you reach the cob. Once you reach the cob.. take a potato peeler and scrap all that milky juice from the cob into the bowl.
  3. * Put cut corn into the skillet with the bacon fat.
  4. * Now you add Milk… How much? Well that’s the tricky part. Depending on how much juice you were able to get from the cobs.. You just have to use your own judgment. With mine I add just enough to reach the top corn level. Stir well and fry until it’s not thin any longer… the starch from the corn with thicken it up as it cooks. On medium heat in cast iron.. bout 10-15 minutes.. Make sure you don’t leave it .. it gets thick quick and the milk will scorch and burn. Now don’t waste that fried bacon.. crumble it up and mix it in as well.
This came from my mom long husband always wanted a southern belle well he got his wish! This is how we make "creamed corn" down here in the south. Please note don't use can corn it will not turn out and most tech term here it'll be YUCKY! So put that apron on and get out your best cast iron skillet or any non stick one will do and get cooking!