Super Easy Cold Coffee Just In Time For Summer
  • 10 tablespoons of your favorite coffee (I used vanilla)
  • coffee maker
  • a tray of ice available throughout the week
  • optional: sugar and/or creamer (as much as you like)
  1. Brew 10 cups of coffee at once. As soon as the coffee is done, take it off the heating pad and put it on the kitchen counter of stovetop to cool down. Once it's completely cool, pour a cup for today in a mug full of ice (I use three cubes) and put the rest of the coffee in the fridge. DO NOT ADD CREAMER or SUGAR to the coffee you put in the fridge. Keep it in it's original form.. black. It will stay fresh that way.
  2. In the mug that you poured for today, add creamer (I use vanilla again) any sugar you like and mix together.
  3. Now, this is the best part... every day for the rest of the week you can quickly pour a cup over ice and repeat the process. Just put the remaining coffee in the fridge for later. This is really great for an evening party... just make ahead and pour when needed.
  4. So far I have tried this 4 days in a row and the coffee is just as fresh as day one. Now, I'm by no means a coffee snob, but I do drink it every day and I know what I like. I am delighted that I can instantly enjoy my coffee as soon as I get up although I do miss the smell of fresh brewed coffee.
  5. Optional: You can pour each cup daily in the blender and add the ice, creamer and sugar and blend for a crunch frozen coffee. It won't be as smooth as the stuff you get at coffee bean or starbucks, but it sure tastes just as good and costs 1/10th the price.
I have to have my coffee in the morning or else it's a bad scene. Not because I'm mean or anything since I am a morning person, but because it helps jump start my day. Coffee gives me that little push to clear my thoughts for the day so I can get to business. While I love fresh brewed coffee on a cold day, it's almost too hot for a summer day. Here in Southern California we've seen about a week of 90+ degree days. The thought of hot coffee just seems like a waste and a way to completely dehydrate yourself. I remember talking in the forums one day about chilled coffee and someone (Axel perhaps) mentioned that if you take your coffee off the heating pad as soon as you make it, the flavor will not change as it cools. So that's what I did. Here's a really great way to save you time in the morning and have a pleasant cool summer drink. Here's what you'll need: