peppermint sundaes
  • 1/2 gallon rich vanilla ice cream..edy's , or turky hill is need for hagendaz.. soften slightly,
  • crushed up candy canes, or red and white striped candy mints..6 candy canes or a good handful of mints..grind into powder
  • ice cream
  1. Mix ice cream with candy, pour into plastic covered container and refreeze..volume will be about 1/3 less, as the ice cream will be denser.
  2. place scoop of icecream with a round scoop, drizzle chocolate sauce over it, and stick a mini candy cane jutting slightly off center on can also add a chocolate mint patty. note: you can make the scoops a few hours ahead and keep frozen but add the candy cane and the chocolate sauce at the last minute or it gets globby
there's a historic inn, milleridge in, in jericho ny, that serves a similar dessert at's so yummy, i went home and played around and recreated it for company.