Sabra Recipe Mediterranean Burgers
Extra tasty with hummus spread on top of the bun
Sabra Recipe Marinated Chicken Kebabs
Makes for an amazing Mediterranean style dinner!
Sabra Recipe Grilled Veggie Hummus Wrap
Sabra Hummus at it's best
Sabra Recipe Hummus Stuffed Chicken Breast
Golden brown tastiness...



Food Finds for Easy Entertaining

Guests? Casual meals or quick gatherings of friends offer a great excuse to broaden your food horizons and discover something new. Try bringing fresh, healthy and authentic guacamole, salsa and yogurt-based veggie dips to the table next time you are looking for an easy way to impress.



Sabra Brings Something Fresh to the Table

Sabra, best known for its wide variety of delicious hummus, is credited with inspiring millions of Americans to adopt this authentic food as a favorite. Hummus was once a little known product outside of Mediterranean countries, but since Sabra arrived on the scene, Americans have adopted the healthy and versatile food as their own.



Marinating Tips: Marinated Chicken Kabobs

A marinade can make or break a meal, adding fantastic flavor or overpowering the meal. However, marinades are an important tool in any cooks arsenal, and they’re not difficult to master.



Top Three Tips for Grilling Veggies on the Grill: Grilled Veggie Hummus Wrap

Firing up the grill is a summer perennial, but it doesn’t always have to mean juicy steaks and beefy burgers. Summer is rich with fresh and seasonal vegetables, and throwing them on the is the perfect, easy way to bring out their best and boldest flavors.



Discover the Difference of Fresh Salsa

Salsa may seem like a relatively new culinary development, but it’s actually been around since at least the time of the Aztecs. They discovered long ago that the zesty flavors of fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers made a great addition to their everyday foods. Sabra’s Fresh Salsa is perfect for every occasion.