Unleash your culinary creativity with BakeBot - the first AI recipe maker designed by and for home cooks and made exclusively for BakeSpace.com.

More than just a chatbot, BakeBot is your secret sauce for perfect recipes. It’s your kitchen companion designed to understand food. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it adapts to your culinary needs and cooking styles.

Use the tool to create a recipe from scratch or scroll down to instantly upload your own recipes, and even digitize cherished family recipe cards. BakeBot makes cooking a breeze while preserving your sweetest memories.

Give BakeBot a try and discover how fun it can be to have some culinary-infused AI in the kitchen. BakeBot is only available to members. Not a member? Join BakeSpace today - it's free!

BakeBot is still in beta and you are among the first to try it! If you spot any glitches, let us know!

Create a new recipe with BakeBot:

With BakeBot, you can get a custom recipe made just the way you like it! Just share what kind of dish you want to cook, what ingredients you have, how you want to cook it, and if you have any dietary needs. Then, voilà! BakeBot will whip up a personalized recipe for you! You can even give it a special name. Plus, if you want to change anything, you can!

upload your recipes instantly with BakeBot:

Just paste your recipe and click "Upload Text". You'll have the chance to make changes on the next screen.

upload your recipe file:

Just upload your document or old recipe card, and BakeBot will do the rest! It can magically read what's written, so you can keep all your precious family recipes safe and sound. Easy as pie!
Works with text, pdf, docx, png and jpg. One recipe per upload, but you can upload multiple files for recipe