The Turkey Bowl, My New Favorite After Thanksgiving Treat

Posted By: Chef Benwa
Posted On: 11/29/09 09:19 AM

That is besides turkey sandwiches. There is nothing like a good BLTT. But for an easy, delicious, and hot after Thanksgiving treat that is sure to burn threw the leftovers there is nothing like a Turkey Bowl. It starts out by putting what ever you want into a bowl and then microwaving it till heated threw. It's really quick and easy to do. I start out with a bare bowl: Next I put in a little gravy: Then some mashed potatoes: Then some stuffing: Then the turkey and more gravy: Place it in the microwave on high for three minutes, when the timer goes off give it a little stir and finish for another minute in the microwave. Ta Da! a great use for Thanksgiving leftovers that takes only 4 minutes plus bowl filling time. Oh! and the time it will take you to make your own version. Because there are still other leftovers to chose from like; green bean casserole, yams, cranberries, etc... etc.... Just remember you created it so you have to eat it.