Etihad Airways - What You Need To Know About This Airline

Posted By: rogeralvarez717
Posted On: 09/22/11 04:42 AM

You should learn a little bit about Etihad Airways, because, even though they might not be very familiar, their service has impressed a lot of travelers in only eight years. Some of the reasons that have made many one-time fliers of this airline turn into regular passengers, will be explored in this article. You will never know what your favorite airline is without trying others out, such as Etihad Airways, which you should try.If you want to be treated with complete luxury upon landing, Etihad Airways has a limousine service called Etihad Chauffeur that can take you wherever you want to go. Door-to-door limousine service is part of the package when you fly Pearl Business Class or Diamond First Class with Etihad Airlines. This takes an extra step out of planning for a multi-destination trip because the limo service takes you to whatever hotel you're staying at. In fact, you can actually pay a little more money to use the limo service to get you around the city that you are staying in. To make sure that you get a limousine, call 24 hours in advance to ensure availability. Being able to take advantage of the fine dining experience, is something all passengers, whether flying Economy, Business, or First Class, are able to do with this airline. There are lots of different flights, so the selections will vary, but the ingredients, for the wide range of choices, will be the finest. You'll also get fine wine to accompany your meal, as well as access to complimentary bar service. You won't be getting any massed produced wines, because Etihad Airways only uses wines that come from a small selection of vineyards. After enjoying the wine and food that you were served on the Etihad flight, when you land at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, you can get the same things in any of the lounges. Special meal requests can be made, when you do it before your flight by at least 48 hours, if you inform the airline of your need.If you really want to know about an airline, go on the Internet and find ratings and reviews of the airline you want to travel on. One of the best websites to check out is operated by Skytrax, an online rating service for airlines. The Skytrax rating system puts Etihad Airways at 4 out of 5 stars. Overall, most airlines got two or three stars at best.Etihad Airlines is also reviewed on the Skytrax website by users that have actually flown on their planes. Most of the time, people that take the time to write a comment are motivated because of anger and do so because they had a bad experience, not a good one. A lot of attention has been given to Etihad Airlines, which is amazing considering how old the company actually is. Just over eight years old, this airline has won many accolades for excellent customer service which is exceptional. Etihad Airways is definitely a great airline to fly on, however you should find out more information for yourself to see if it fits your needs by checking with your travel agent or looking on the Internet.