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With BakeSpace's Cookbook Cafe, you can publish, distribute and even sell your own cookbook as both a web based ebook and iPad app. It's free to create your cookbook and promote it in our marketplace, where you can give it away or sell it for profit/fundraising.


Creating a cookbook is quick and easy. You can start with as few or as many recipes as you like. In fact, some of the most popular cookbooks contain just five recipes. You can also remix your recipes to multiple cookbooks (based on theme, holiday/special event, ingredient, etc). Want to crowdsource a group cookbook? It's ridiculously easy peasy! Our group cookbook feature enables you to include recipes from others without the usual hassle. You can even include their social links, photos and videos on-the-fly.


Cookbook Cafe is part of the Webby Award-winning community of home cooks always searching for great new cookbooks. We also provide built-in tools to help promote your cookbook online.


If you've ever dreamed of publishing a cookbook but weren’t sure how to get started, try Cookbook Café today! Our goal is to democratize cookbook publishing and help you share your recipes with the world.

Cookbook Cafe has three distinct parts:


Turn Your Recipes into a Web-based eBook and iPad App Cookbook

Simply upload your recipes, add photos/videos, pick your price and create your cookbook. There’s no cost and no need to hire a developer, editor, publisher or publicist.


Get Your Cookbook Discovered and Downloaded

Once published, your cookbook will be available in the Cookbook Café marketplace (on and the Cookbook Café app in itunes), which are part of our global community of home cooks and passionate foodies.


The Home for Great Grassroots Cookbooks

The Cookbook Café reader (website and iPad app) keeps your recipes top-of-mind and just a click away for anyone who downloads your cookbook. That’s because our proprietary search technology indexes each cookbook recipe individually so users can search across their entire Cookbook Café library to find just the right recipe.


CHEF the Film Cookbook

Branded Cookbook

CHEF the Film Cookbook: Recipes from El Jefe

By CHEF the Film

In celebration of the food in the film CHEF, Chef Roy Choi takes you on a culinary road trip from L.A. to Miami with some of the tastiest food truck cuisine around.

The Social Media Cookbook

Non Profit Cookbook

The Social Media Cookbook

By Invisible People

Created to raise funds for Invisible People (a non-profit focused on using the power of storytelling to help end homelessness), this cookbook showcases the best recipes from top social media experts.

Cupcakes from Food Network's Cupcake

Personal Cookbook

Cupcakes from Food Network's Cupcake Wars Winner, Annette Starbuck

By GoodieGirls

Filled with award-winning cupcake recipes (think Chocolate Strawberry Champagne, Peaches n’ Cream and Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cupcakes), you too can feel like a Cupcake Wars winner.


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