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The place where people come for the food, but stay for the conversation ™ was launched in 2006 as the Web's first food-themed social network and recipe swap, It’s the independent, grassroots community by and for people who love to cook, bake and express their passion for all things food-related. lets you find and share recipes (we have more than 70,000 submitted by members), publish and sell interactive cookbooks, compete in recipe contests, make new friends, connect with culinary mentors and enjoy live video programming featuring the most interesting food and pop culture influencers. is the place to go when you’re hungry... not just for recipes, but for friends and conversation. Our goal is to update and reinvent the age-old tradition of gathering in the kitchen by inspiring home cooks to share their culinary passion with the world.

How It Works

On most recipe sites and apps, the experience begins and mostly ends with finding a recipe. But on, finding a great recipe is just the beginning of the journey.

You can post, search and swap recipes in real-time, build and customize your "online kitchen," raid the "virtual pantry" (The Feed), get inspired and learn from other members by tapping into the web’s longest-running cooking/baking mentor program. In addition, our unique “recipe swap” ensures you always know what your friends are preparing in the kitchen.

Membership is free, and the site is as easy to use as making toast. If you'd like to give the community a test-drive, check out this cupcake recipe from Founder Babette Pepaj (Devil's Food Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Centers and Frosting), which she says can make grown men cry.

Honors & Accolades

The Webby Awards – BakeSpace has earned a total of 17 Webby honors and nominations in various categories including “Best Community Website,” “Best Social Network,” “Best Food & Beverage Website” and “Best Social Mobile App.”

IACP --“Outstanding Use of New Technology”

Appy Awards –“Best iPad Publishing App.”

Here's what a few of our friends in the media have to say about BakeSpace

"The site is easy to use and full of dishes that everyday cooks might actually want to make. The space may be virtual, but the food is real."
Scripps Howard News Service

"Charming inits simplicity, country kitchen aesthetic and ease of use, BakeSpace is an open in-vitation not only to bakers, but to cooks of all kinds."
Bon Appetit

"The key to its appeal is the interactive design which encourages like-minded cooks to make friends over the internet."
Washington Post

"If food defines you, there's an online gathering place for you to find the similarly obsessed, and it’s called BakeSpace. Now that's a pretty great idea I have to say."
NPR's "Good Food"

"The closest thing to a Facebook-like food site.”
USA Today

Beyond the Community

Welcome to BakeSpace, Inc.

BakeSpace, Inc. has grown to become a diversified online media, app publishing and conference production company for people who are passionate about cooking and the culinary lifestyle.

Create, Publish & Sell Your Own Digital Cookbook

BakeSpace’s Cookbook Café publishing platform enables any home chef, group or nonprofit organization to publish an interactive cookbook as both an iPad app and a web-based ebook. They can then give it away or sell itto the world for profit or fundraising via the Cookbook Cafe store front. It’s free to publish your cookbook, and many that you’ll find on Cookbook Cafe help sup-port worthy nonprofit organizations.

Visit | Make Your Own Cookbook


The Traveling Food Blogger/Influencer Conference

TECHmunch is a series of conferences designed to help food bloggers gain the hands-on digital media, marketing and business skills they need to make their more personally and financially rewarding. Topics include the latest tools and tactics to develop and optimize content, build buzz, grow an audience and work with brands To date more than 30 TECHmunch events have been held in cities across North America.


Live-streaming food-themed video series

BakeSpace produces live-streaming video programs featuring someof the most innovative and interesting culinary influencers. Topics range from the latest food trends and cooking techniques to pop culture. Recurring programs include the #KitchenParty and #GetBaked, live Hangout series.

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