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Des Moines, IA

Mentor In: Weight Watchers, Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I am by no means an expert in WW but we are all in the same boat with wanting to make a lifestyle change.

Lesson Learned: Any recipe can be adapted to fit into the WW lifestyle, you just have to plan ahead.

Tip: When making a big salad to last several days, put a damp paper towel in the bowl and it will last all week without browning.



Mentor In: Weight Watchers

Why I want to be mentor: Weight Watchers is a great program, and it is the only program that has been successful for me. I would like to share with others my recipes and my experience.

Lesson Learned: I have learned so many lessons during my journey. The importance of fiber in the diet. Drinking plenty of water. Learning to exercise. Learning to enjoy food. And..... You can have dessert every day and still be successful.

Tip: Fresh fruit and vegetables should be on your list every day.