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Recommendations for writing a good essay – Part 1 Some tips for a good essay format. Your essay planshould contain the following: Content and Language Good work is not just bounded to those mentioned in class or in this presentation, but goes further by showing comprehensive understanding of key issues and critical synthesis capacity (and not merely descriptive). In many cases, it is a result of bibliographic and perhaps primary research (visit reports, sites review etc.). Other items that a good essay should have: Correct English coursework (grammar, syntax, spelling) Net essay structureand a focused essay topic Rational arguments based on evidence and supported by data Balanced and not one-sided presentation of issues In-depth coverage without significant errors or skips (desirable, but not required): imagination and originality Presentation The bulk of the work (excluding bibliography and references) should not exceed the number of words you were given by your instructor (check word count in your word editor and provide the number of words in the title page). The work should be typewritten and should include the following: Essay title page with your name, email address, title of work, date, number of words and the course title Table of Contents List of photographs or images (if used) with page number List of tables and diagrams (if used) with page number Thank-you page (if you feel the need to thank someone) The main part of your student essay (which can be divided into parts according to your discretion) Annexes Bibliography of references used in text Images The images should be either original photographs or photocopies. They should be incorporated in the text or on a separate page or on a page with text. They should be numbered as in the photo list, indicate the number in the text, which should be accompanied by a caption. If you use any photos and the number of them have to do with the topic you chose to expand and their availability. We are happy to help you with an essay structure Diagrams The diagrams need not be complex and they can be originals or photocopies. The same rules apply for the images. Footnotes It is better to avoid the footnotes because it is difficult to typing and create problems in the publications. Try to integrate the information you would write in footnotes to the main text or in the Annex (s). Writing a good essay is a real experience! In part 2 there will be some more essay writing tips!

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Fresh Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Pasta
Pumpkin Gnocchi with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, Toasted Hazelnuts and Fried Sage
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