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Sue Ferguson

I grew up in Wisc, have been living in Ca, Bay Area since 1971. Have one daughter, 3 grandkids, all girls, ages 9 & 6 year old twins. They all live with us, to say the least, it is controlled chaos at times around here. Have been cooking since 3rd or 4th grade or as Sash (6) says, " a very, very, very long time ago." Also collect cookbooks and have amassed quite an extensive collection. Number is probably over 3000-I've lost count! I love to bake, cookies especially at Xmas when I make atleast 25-30 different ones-they are gifts for friends & family. Do much of the treat baking for the kids classroom parties. There are so many food allergies and many of the kids are multi-ethnic with strict dietary laws. Finding something that everyone can have has been challenging. I look forward to finding & sharing recipes on this site. One of the highest compliments is when someone wants the recipe for what you have prepared. I share willingly!

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