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Stages of writing a PhD dissertation To write a Ph.D. dissertation valuable for the advancement of science, you must: Select a relevant research topic that has scientific novelty; Ensure that the topic is sufficiently well-developed; Evaluate the works of scientists who have already covered this scientific problem; To make a plan of work on the dissertation; Keep all drafts and copies of the thesis, so as to be able to correct the text of the thesis; Use graphs, charts, tables, diagrams in the text to graphically reflect the quantitative values of the study; Devote enough time to writing the introduction and conclusion to the work. Work on the dissertation takes place under the scientific supervision of a scientist who has a doctoral degree. It is good if the subject of the graduate student's dissertation research corresponds to the range of scientific interests of his supervisor. Writing a PhD thesis begins with defining and approving the topic of the thesis research. In the process of working on the dissertation, the topic may change or be refined. Choosing a relevant topic for a Ph.D. dissertation What to write about. It is recommended that the topic of the dissertation be a continuation of the topic of the master's thesis if the dissertation candidate has previously studied in a master's program in the same major field of study. The dissertation process lasts several years, but research materials should be collected well in advance. The title of the thesis should fully reflect the subject of the research. Formulate the title of the work will help the supervisor, and then you can begin to write a plan-draft of the dissertation research. Selection Criteria Before starting the work, formulate a scientific problem - a situation that needs to be solved.

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