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I am passionate about life and love to eat! I am a developing entrepreneur in the Holistic Wellness Industry and have learned so much over the last 10 years. I really enjoy cooking because it allows me to express my creativity through food and I get to experiment. I believe in healthy eating and cooking in order to promote a more holistic lifestyle for preventative measures, wellness and longevity. I don't necessarily teach or follow an extremely strict type of diet or way of cooking but believe that eating healthy is more about balance, wholeness and going back to living off the land organically. Some basics I do teach such as, we need to stay away from processed foods, too many chemicals and modified ingredients. A true holistic healer though, never looks at ingredients from just a sustenance point of view but also considers the pleasure of food as well. And so, with all of my healthy "experiments in the kitchen" I strive to never sacrifice the taste or discount the value of aroma, colours and food made with love and old fashion values. I also believe that it takes time and baby steps to learn to change our eating habits, and that many factors work for some and not for others. I help people find a personalized approach and encourage them to educate themselves rather than just follow a trend or what the mainstream movements say. I work with people to help them find long term results, and empower them through identifying triggered patterns and relational identifiers to culture, mindset and body image. Here is to healthy and pleasurable food! Namaste

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Healthy Cinnamon & Almond Shortbread
Lemon & Cilantro Pan Fried Salmon Fillets
Lemon & Cilantro Pan Seared Salmon Fillets
Salsa & Veggie Omelette Bake
Oat & Honey Power Pancakes

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