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As a specialist in Internet security, I often hear customer questions: “How can I find out my IP”? Sometimes any active user of the network needs to find out his own IP. You can check IP using a variety of methods. Know your IP address is necessary for those who want to save their data from attackers - hackers, thieves and just those who are interested in someone else's personal life. Also, you need to check the IP address for those who want to hide their presence on the network and maintain the anonymity of being in it. You can recognize the ip with a couple of mouse clicks, but before you check the ip yourself, you need to figure out what it is. IP is the digital identifier of a PC or laptop that is connected to the World Wide Web. You can find out the IP site personally from your own device or remotely by connecting to your home or work computer. An IP address will be needed for someone who is afraid that they can crack his social network accounts, email or passwords for bank servers. You can determine the IP by the data stored on sites that recorded visits from a particular device. How to find out your IP, we will find out in our material. There are two types of IP: • permanent (static). In this case, it will be easier to find out your IP, as the provider allocates a permanent address to the user; • dynamic. Determining the IP will be more difficult, as it will change before each Internet connection. Finding you by IP is not so simple because the provider issues DHCP from the pool of free addresses (data transfer protocol). It will be impossible to find out the exact IP address in this case. How to check IP type: • disconnect and connect to the network; • Define your IP after each connection; Note that you do not need to do any manipulations with your own data before you find out the IP address. There are two ways to find the IP address. Method 1 Using the command line. You need to use the Win + R key combination. You can find out the IP after the Run window appears, after which you need to enter cmd and click OK. You will be able to see IP in the window that opens with the command line, in which you need to write the words ipconfig, and then press Enter on your keyboard. You can find out the IP by examining the line. The numbers that appear through a dot in the IPv4 line are indicators of your local IP. Method 2 You can find out your IP address using a special service. You just need to visit a similar service from your computer. If you are using a VPN or a proxy server, the displayed IP will change. Checking the IP address occurs after the service automatically finds your location, and also determines the type of operating system, browser, provider and even the screen resolution of your device.

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