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Owner: Hannes Van Der Merwe Address: 998 16th Rd, Randjespark, Midrand 1685 South Africa Phone: 0837881352 Email: [email protected] Keywords: laboratory, laboratories, labs, laboratory setup, analytical laboratory, mobile laboratories, lab space rental, biotech start-ups, laboratory facilities, independent researchers, biotech startups, consumable storage facilities Description: LabSPACE Africa utilizes its expertise in an array of analytical services. They assists with analyses ranging from clinical to environmental tests, according to international and local guidelines as well as guidelines and. LabSPACE Africa provides modern analytical services that are custom-built facilities, providing clients with bespoke solutions based on their needs or the methods they prefer. LabSPACE Africa is currently located within Midrand, Gauteng, but the Cape Town Laboratories are already working on their development. LabSPACE Africa will help scientists concentrate on their research having access to the assistance equipment, space and equipment they need to transform the world. Assistance to Biotech entrepreneurs and researchers independently in achieving their objectives. Number of employes: 20 Year Found: 2020 Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 AM 05:00 PM Saturday Sunday Closed

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