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Otis Anderson is a classically trained culinarian with a focus on baking and healthy cooking. He is a pastry chef by trade, and is a small business owner. His company specializes in pastry and culinary equipment, and she consults on a contract basis, worldwide. Otis frequently writes about food such as baking and cake decorating, and cooking with wholesome foods. Healthy cooking at home, he describes, is an effort to incorporate fresh, unprocessed ingredients into the family menus. All the pictures of his recipes hhe takes himself showing that healthy cooking can not only be good for you, but taste and look great as well. When he isn’t testing recipes, writing about food, or reading business & trade journals, he can be found nurturing his family’s many fruit trees and vegetables he grows at home, or finding all the hidden fishing spots in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Otis Anderson is an editor for a university Marketing Communications department, freelance writer and proofreader, and avid home cook. He has published more than 200 food articles and recipes online and more than 500 literary analyses, book reviews, and biographical essays for print and online educational publishers.

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