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Hi, I come from a family who loves their food. Having said that I have found that living all around Australia what works for one place often needs tweeking in another area due to climate etc. I have always been a little (not a lot) extravagant when purchasing food to cook for family, but now realise I can get the same results for a lot less dollars if I use more sense. Right now, we abide in the Far North of Queensland so many of my lovely winter recipes have gone into storage, but with a wealth of beautiful food to choose from up here we have changed over our cooking experiences quite easily. I hope you will enjoy the recipes included in my book, and remember, dinner does not have to be three veg and meat to fulfill a families needs, a little subtle re education at the dinner table and your family will be eating beautiful healthy meals and feeling better for it, also think of larger breakfasts and lunches and smaller meals at night you will be amazed at the results health wise and with energy levels at a much more sustainable peak for your daily living.

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Our Tropical Fried Rice

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