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She realized what she had started to say then and looked funny at me. Then she looked as if she were making up her mind, "Sam offered me a thousand dollars to suck his cock." She looked releaved then as if by saying it she had finally decided to do it. I asked her to explain it to me. Well," she started and then told me how it came about. After she had swallowed his cum ( it was really precum as he re;ated it to her. He told her that when he came she would know it. "I kissed you so you would be a part of it and i would not have cheated on you. She explained that I had told her several times about my friends, growing up. One was Ed who had a large cock, almost as large as Sam's to hear Sarah describe it. She lay with my hard cock buried in her cunt after we both came. I stayed hard and then she told me what she would do with Sam.She said that immediately sfter the fooling around that Sam offered her five hundred. When she went to open the door he changed it to a thousand, Sarah brought the money out that Sam had brought by about fifteen minutes before I came hiome. He handed her the money and told her that he wanted a little sample first. He pulled Sarah's jeans dowm and stuck his lips on her twat with her panties pulled aside. She said that it felt so good that it was all she could do to make him wait till she told me. He rose from licking her cunt and kissed her then. Her pant's were still around her feet and as he kissed her, he rammed a large as mu cock finger into her cunt. She had just fastened her jeans when I walked in. Three minutes earlier I would have seen him finger her and seen her hump down against the fat finger. I fucked Sarah hard and several times, cumming in her each time. There was a knock on the door and she lat there on the large couch naked, my cum was dripping from her wide open cunt. I realized that Sarah wanted me to fuck her and get her ready for Sam. I had sputered two loadn, big loads, in her. Is she ready for me Jim," Sam asked me as he then looked and saw Sarah behind me naked as the day she was born? I told him that she was. He undressed and I saw the big bear of a man. I saw his cock and became harder. Here was the man who would be the second man to enjoy her. I was he first and only till that moment. I felt bad for a minute. I blamed my job for letting me down. I looked again at his hugh cock adain and I suddenly knew that this would be the first cock I would suck in many years.

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