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Multi sports Academy in uae AT ALL IN ONE, WE BELIEVE IN TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH UNIQUE, COMPREHENSIVE AND HIGH-QUALITY SPORTS PROGRAMS We offer a range of bespoke programs taught by highly experienced coaches who are here to guide individuals in developing their skills, become part of a community and improve sports knowledge. We aim that all of our students build relationships, develop skills and most importantly... have fun! Together, let's unlock the UAE's full potential through the power of sports. A multi-sport program for toddlers aged 1.5 to 2.5 years: adult involvement The 30-minute structured lesson introduces toddlers to a variety of physical exercises in a fun and engaging environment. The program is intended to help toddlers develop their overall skills as well as their physical abilities whilst improving their listening and teamwork abilities. They will need to follow verbal cues, work as a team, and develop social skills by taking turns and helping one another during each session. We concentrate on three primary skill components (ABC): Agility, Balance and Coordination. They will gain the physical, cognitive, emotional and confidence skills needed to explore and interact with the world around them. ALL IN ONE can provide its Toddlers Multi-sports program or a specific sports program directly at your school during the academic day or as an after-school activity. The multi-sports program allows each child to try a variety of sports. Each week, children will have the opportunity to explore and develop a specific sport before moving on to the next.

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